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Best Practice I:-

Siddhant COE always takes initiative towards the overall development of students and their academics. This practice is sustained, in view to achieve the following objective.

Objective of the practice:-

To liberate the weaker sections of the rural areas from the shackles of the perennial, economic, social, political and educational constraints.

The Practice:-

Students admitted to Siddhant COE are generally from rural and low income group. They belong to different spatial locations of the country or state, so their academic standard varies a lot. It is observed that these students lack in communication skill, leadership quality and entrepreneurship quality. These lacunas are taken care by conducting short term sessions for the students like personality development program, skill development program etc. It is also observed that, there is big gap between the previous education of students and the Engineering Curriculum. For this, bridging gap course are conducted for first year students and second directly admitted students. These students require proper mentoring in the college for which the guardian faculty scheme is implemented. One faculty is assigned a group of 15 to 20 students. He/She is mentor for these students. He/She conducts regular meeting with them to understand their problems and give appropriate solutions to that.

Best Practice II:-

The main focus of the higher education in India is to promote research. In accordance with the growing need for the up gradation of the faculty and the students in higher education, efforts are taken by the management of the institute to inculcate research culture in the staff and the students to arouse curiosity, develop objectivity and improve critical thinking. It ensures continuous professional growth on the part of teachers and of problem identifying, systematic planning, careful implementing and solution finding abilities on the part of students. Research Committee in the college takes initiatives for all activities related to research.

Objectives of the Practice:-

1) To keep pace with the relentless wheel of change and update the intellectual caliber of the faculty

2) To encourage the faculty to pursue Ph.D.

3) To acquire guide ship to produce more research scholars.

4) To motivate the faculty to apply for the major and minor research projects by providing guidelines and details of funding agencies.

5) To fulfill the requirements to promote the research departments into research centers.

6) To encourage the faculty and the students to organize and present research papers in the national /international seminars / conferences / workshops

7) To publish quality research articles in reputed journals, edit study materials for the prescribed syllabus and author books of high originality.

8) To provide seed money for research activities.

9) To take steps for publishing a Research Journal.