Civil Activities

Industrial Visit:

Every year we arrange industrial visit. The Details of site visits are given below

Sr No Class Site location
1 SE River Residency Moshi (PUNE)
Geological Investigation Kudal
RMC Plant Kolhapur
RMC Plant Dehu( PUNE)
2 TE Water treatment Plant Bhokarpada ( Panvel)

Cultural event:

Cultural event is arranged every year for students. Student’s participants are awarded prizes and certificates. Students with academic excellence are awarded prizes in this event.

Engineers day:

Engineers day is celebrated every year in the college. Various competitions are arranged on this day and the winners are awarded prizes. A speech by industrial expert is arranged for the students on this occasion. Students and staff share the achievements of Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya on this occasion.

Technical event:

AAKAAR is an annual technical event organized by Civil Engineering Students Association (CESA) students. Technical events are organized under the banner of Technotsav by all the departments. Students from all over Maharashtra participate in these events. AAKAAR is a platform for students to show their talent and skills in Popsicle Bridge Making etc.

Teachers day:

Students celebrate teacher’s day on 5th September every year. A function is arranged on this occasion by students as a mark of respect towards Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan and the teachers. It is followed by a short cultural event.

Aptitude and soft skill training:

We arrange aptitude and soft skill training by outside experts in the college through training and placement department for students. This training enhances moral of students and make them ready for placement. One staff is deputed from the department as training placement assistant to coordinate all training and placement related activities.

Activities of Academic year 2016-17, 2015-16

1 CESA Foundation 2015 Sarika Shinde
2 Bridge making 2015 Kamthekar L.k
3 Farewell  party 2016 R.A.SHAH
4 Engineer’s day and fresher 2016 Yogita jadhav
5  Farewell  party 2017 R.A.SHAH
6  Engineer’s day and fresher  2017 R.A.SHAH