Principal Desk

Siddhant College of Engineering (SCOE), Pune, was established in the year 2005 by Choudhari Attarsing Yadav Memorial Education Trust. In last twelve years, the Institute has grown both horizontally and vertically. We are offering Diploma, U. G., P. G., programs in Computer, E&TC, Civil and IT, Mechanical Engineering.

Students who got admitted to Siddhant College of Engineering are put through the principles and practices of engineering that are inbuilt in the curriculum. As they accumulate knowledge, the amount of ignorance that they carry also unfolds. This is where the real education begins for a grown up; molding and shaping them to understand and appreciate the world around oneself. A sense of humility, simplicity and modesty gets inculcated into the personality of the student. These are the qualities that make a man stand up to this world of fierce competition and challenges.

The research activities of our faculty lead to an extraordinary enrichment of the experience of our students that is realized at the graduate and undergraduate level. The research training provided to our graduate students creates a technological paradigm for the next generation of digital India. The extension of research opportunities to an ever-increasing group of undergraduate students adds a dimension of experience to the technical education that simply cannot be duplicated in the classroom. Our students can learn the rigorous of new discovery, and acquire skills of inquiry, evaluation, and communication that provide a foundation for the next phase of their career.

Brief about Dr. (Prof.) Uddhav M. Shirsat

He has received Ph.D. from College of Engineering Pune (COEP), Pune University in 2006. He is the Second Ranker of Pune University at Master level with specialization in Design Engineering, 2000. He is the Ph.D. guide for various universities. He got young scientist award 2006 by CII. He has Published 48 research paper at national and international level. His research focus is on Fracture Mechanics, Solid Mechanics, Fatigue Strength, Material Properties of Ferrous and non-Ferrous Material, Tribology and Tool Design.

Dr. (Prof.). Uddhav M. Shirsat,

BE (Mech.), ME (Design Engg.), Ph. D.


Siddhant College of Engineering, Pune.