Computer Engineering Students Association (CESA)

Computer Engineering Students Association (MESA) is established in the academic year 2008-09. It is the platform for the students of the department to develop their skill.Students’ growth is continuously observed through.


Sr. No Post No of posts
1 President 1 Dr. (Prof.). Uddhav M. Shirsat (Principal)
2 Vice President 1 Prof P.B. Kumbharkar(HOD)
3 Faculty Adviser 1 Prof D. Gupta (Teaching Faculty)
4 General Secretary 2 BE Student (Girl Representative) BE Student(Boy Representative)
5 Treasure 2 1 BE Student 1 TE Student

We use to conduct various technical activities under CESA such as

Sr. No. Activity Name
2 Guest Lecture
3 Engineers Day and Teachers Day
4 Workshop for Teaching Staff
5 Blood Donation Camp
6 Paper Presentation
7 Seminar
8 Workshop for students
9 Guest Lecture
10 C/C++ Programming Contest
11 Miscellaneous:
a) Blind Typing
b) Slow Biking
c)Face Painting
12 Industry Institute Interaction