• The library will remain open on all working days of the college in its all working hours.
    • Books are issued for a period of 14 days to a student and for one semester to a teaching faculty. But, books on high demand may be issued for seven days only to a student.
    • The students are required to return the book on/before the due date of return, failing which will be charged Rs.1 per day.
    • Books can be presented to be re-issued in case it has no demand by another user of the library.
    • Journals, magazines, newspapers, question papers, syllabus copies can be provided for one day only. Delay in returning will be charged Rs. 5 per day for such a document.
    • It is essential to make renewal of the account each year for both students and staffs.
    • The library has open access to increase the usability of the documents.
    • The documents are the property of the library; hence it can be demanded to return before the due date if urgency is aroused.
    • Any damage/injury to the book during the period of an issue will be on part of the user.
    • Please maintain silence and good humor within the Library and Reading Hall. It is necessary for deep study and serious reading.

Ques.1. Who can become a regular member?
Ans.: Students who are taking Admission in the College can become a regular member of the Library.

Ques.2 I am external or dropped student of the college. Can I avail the library book lending facility?
Ans.: No, book lending facility is not allowed but you can avail the reference facility for the Specific period.

Ques. 3 Can I use the library for a short period of time?
Ans.: Yes, for persons from academic institutions or industry, membership shall be given for a period of one day to maximum one week by charging fees Rs 500. Please bring your Identity card or letter of your Institute and Passport size photograph

Ques. 4 what is the printing charges per print?”
Ans.: Printing facility is available in the library itself. Printing charges 1 Rs per page

Ques.5 Which Document require for become the member of Library
Ans.: Fee Receipt of Current Academic Year