Sr.No Name of Printed Journals Publication Branch
1 International Journal of Construction Engineering and Technology Research India Civil
2 Inventi Impact:Civil Engineering Inventi Civil
3 Inventi Impact: Water and Environment Inventi Civil
4 Indian Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture Academic Research Civil
5 Indian Journal of Civil Engineering and Applications Research India Civil
6 Journal of Water Resources Development APD Civil
7 Journal of Public Transportation System APD Civil
8 International Journals of Advance Computing and Networks Academic Research Computer
9 International Journals of Advance Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering Academic Research Computer
10 International Journals of Data Analysis and Information System Serials Computer
11 International Journals of Computer Engineering Serials Computer
12 Indian Journal of Computational science and Engineering Global Computer
13 Indian Journals of Multimedia Global Computer
14 Indian Journal of Advances in Communication Engineering GBS Computer
15 Indian Journal of Advances in Computer Science And Technology GBS Computer
16 Indian Journal of Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics GBS Computer
17 Indian Journal of Computer and Internet Security Research Computer
18 Indian Journal of Computer Networking and Modern Technique GBS Computer
19 Indian Journal of Current Development in Data Warehousing GBS Computer
20 Indian Journal of High Speed Networks and Computing Routers Research Computer
21 Indian Journal of Knowledge Management and Information Technology Research Computer
22 Indian Journal of Modern Scientific Computing GBS Computer
23 Indian Journal of Soft Computing Processing and Technique Research Computer
24 Indian Journal of Wireless and Mobile Communication GBS Computer
25 Inventi Impact: Comp Networks and Communication Inventi Computer
26 Indian Journal of Architecture and Town Planning GBS Diploma
27 Indian Journal of Computer Science in Higher Education Research India Diploma
28 Indian Journal of Current Development in Manufacturing Science GBS Diploma
29 Indian Journal of Digital Electronics Technologies GBS Diploma
30 Indian Journal of Electronic and Telecommunications Engg. GBS Diploma
31 Indian Journal of Electronics, Circuits, Devices and System GBS Diploma
32 Indian Journal of Material Science and Technology GBS Diploma
33 Indian Journals of Materials in Civil Engineering Research India Diploma
34 Indian Journal of Mechanics and Thermodynamics GBS Diploma
35 Indian Journal of Secure Internet and Computer Security Research India Diploma
36 Indian Journals of Surveying and Structural Engineering Research India Diploma
37 Advance in Wireless and Mobile Communication GBS E&TC
38 Global Journal of Electronic and Communication Research GBS E&TC
39 Global Journal of Embedded System in Engineering Research GBS E&TC
40 Indian Journal of Advanced Communication System Academic Research E&TC
41 Indian Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering Research and Development Academic Research E&TC
42 Indian Journal of Electronics Engineering and Communication Engineering Research India E&TC
43 Indian Journal of Electronic Research and Engineering GBS E&TC
44 Indian Journal of Embedded System in Engineering Research GBS E&TC
45 Indian Journal of Microelectronic and VLSI Design Research India E&TC
46 Indian Journal of Robotics Engineering Academic Research E&TC
47 Indian Journals of VLSI Design Research and Development Academic Research E&TC
48 Indian Journal of VLSI Design and Embedded system Academic Research E&TC
49 International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering Academic Research E&TC
50 International Journal of Electronics and Computer science Engineering Academic Research E&TC
51 International Journal of VLSI and Signal Processing Application Academic Research E&TC
52 Indian Journals of Advances in Multimedia Global IT
53 Indian Journal of Secure Internet and Computer Security GBS IT
54 Indian Journal of Data Mining and Warehouse GBS IT
55 Indian Journal of Information and Computer Science Technology GBS IT
56 Indian Journal of Information Technology Research and Development Academic Research IT
57 Indian Journal of Software Engineering Research Academic Research IT
58 Inventi Impact: Artificial Intelligence Inventi IT
59 Inventi Impact: Wireless Communication and Networking Inventi IT
60 Journal of Advanced Software Engineering GBS IT
61 Journal of Information Science and Application Research IT
62 International Journal of Information System Modeling and Design Technology Global IT
63 International Journal of Computer Science and Mathematics Serials IT
64 International Journal of Computer Technology and Application Academic Research IT
65 International Journal of Embedded Software and Open Source Systems Serials IT
66 International Journal of Networks and Mobile Technology Serials IT
67 Indian journals of Advance Mechatronics and Robotics GBS Mech
68 International Journal of Advanced in Thermal Science and Engineering Serials Mech
69 International Journal of Design and Manufacturing Technology APD Mech
70 International Journal of Fluid Mechanics Serials Mech
71 International Journal of Product Design Serials Mech
72 Indian Journal of Advances in Automobile Engineering Academic Research Mech
73 Indian Journal of Design and Manufacturing Technology Academic Research Mech
74 Indian Journals of Machine Tools and Maintenance Engineering Research India Mech
75 Indian Journals of Modern Production Engineering GBS Mech
76 Indian Journal of Product Design and Development Academic Research Mech
77 Indian Journal of Thermal and Fluid Engineering Acadamic Research Mech
78 Inventi Impact: Energy and Power Inventi Mech
79 Inventi Impact: Aerospace Engineering Inventi Mech
80 Inventi Impact: Modeling and Simulation Inventi Mech
81 Inventi Impact: Robotics Inventi Mech
82 Inventi Impact: Tribology Inventi Mech
83 Inventi Impact: Vehicular Technology Inventi Mech
84 Progress in Mechanics and System Deline Mech
85 Transaction on Machine Design Deline Mech


Sr.No Magazine Name
1. Electronics for You
2. Electronics Bazaar
3. Open Source for You
4. Electronics Maker
5. Digit
6. Overdrive
7. What Car
8. Computer Active
9. Data Quest
10. Developer IQ
11. Embedded For You
12. Business today
13. India Today (English)
14. Education World
15. Yojana(English)
16. Kurukshetra(English)
17. University News
18. Competitive Success Review